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Missed out on training wheels! We transitioned from a 12-inch Strider to a 14x when he was 3yrs old. On his 4th birthday we wrapped up the pedals as a gift and put them on the same day. He hopped on the bike and pedaled away . . .first try. No help from me. I feel like I kinda missed out on the thrill of the struggle. Ha! Putting the pedals on with one bolt was so easy the four- year-old could have almost done that by himself too!


2-in-1 Rocking Bike

0-2 years

2-in-1 Rocking Bike

Make play time rock (literally). With an easy to attach base, this bike grows with your baby up to 4 years old.

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12" Bike

1-4 years

12 Balance Bikes

Our lightweight 12″ Balance Bikes introduce your child to the freedom of riding through a natural progression that leaves those nasty ol’ training wheels to rust.

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14x Bike

3-6 Years

14x Convertible Bike

The Strider 14x is the perfect tool to help your child go from a balance bike to a pedaling pro! Once they master balancing on a larger bike, the optional Easy-Ride Pedal Kit installs in seconds

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Awesome Questions

  • No training wheels needed?

    Training wheels often result in a one step forward three steps back approach to learning. Without learning the essential skill of balance first, progressing past training wheels is a long hard road peppered with frustration. Skip the training wheels and stick to the fundamentals instead.
  • Why a balance bike?

    Balance bikes help kiddos master balance first, so they’re ready to take on everything from pedaling to dirt bikes and beyond! The Strider Bike design features a lower center of gravity to keep their striding form efficient, effortless, and fun.
  • How do I add pedals?

    Checkout these short videos to learn how to add pedals to a 14x or 20x.

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