World Strider Day

Celebrate #WorldStriderDay

Calling all Strider riders, Strider moms, Strider dads, Strider grandparents, Strider aunts, uncles, and cousins, even Strider graduates…let’s celebrate! What are we celebrating you ask? YOU! You have seen the light, and you have embraced the future of riding!

It all begins with balance. You get that, I mean you are a Strider family after all. You have rejected the old, worn-out status quo of tricycles and training wheels and wrapped your arms around the balance first, pedal-later lifestyle to give your small fry true mobility at a never-before-seen age.

We are crazy about giving your child the absolute best first-bike experience. Luckily, you are equally crazy about ensuring your child has that absolute best first-bike experience. Your little one’s excitement and confidence around riding is contagious; it transcends their time spent on the saddle. Even better, the skills developed on their Strider enable them to be mobile, confident, and courageous mavens of mobility both today and forever.

So now do you see the cause to celebrate? This May 9th, and every May 9th, join together as we raise our juice pouches to the next generation of riders across the globe and shout in one, unified voice:  "Stride On!"

Join the Movement!

Celebrate #WorldStriderDay 2018 by posting on social media a picture from whatever region of the world you happen to be in using the hashtag, #WorldStriderDay.

This year’s theme: Riding with friends and family

Even if the rider or riders in your life has graduated from Strider, we would still love to see what two-wheeled adventures they are taking now.

Looking to score some Strider swag for participating?

Enter your photo or video below on May 9th for a chance to be randomly selected to receive one of five, $100 Strider gift certificates. Winners will be selected from around the world! Keep in mind; you must submit your photo using the submission form on this page in addition to posting it on social media using #WorldStriderDay to be eligible to win.