Partnering with Special Needs Organizations


Too often people with cognitive or developmental disabilities have been unable to ride a bike or have been told by doctors and other health care providers that they will never be able to ride a bike. With the proper bike and a proven method to learn, this is changing!

For several years, parents of children with special needs all over the world have been approaching Strider® and letting us know how life changing our bikes have been for their children. Strider Bikes are providing a means for inclusive social interaction and play. Suddenly, a child that had previously been sitting on the porch while the other children in the neighborhood rode their bikes is now riding right alongside their peers, grinning ear to ear!

To learn more about how you can begin or enhance the special needs channel in your area, click on the links below:

    1. Autism Research:
      Strider Bikes Improve Stability Scores in Children with Autism (Press Release 11/16/15)

      Incorporating a Pedal-less Bicycle Curriculum into a K–5th Grade After-school Program to Improve Stability for ASD Children
      Published in Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (3/1/16)

      Autism Poster and Autism Handout — these are excellent handouts for tradeshows or events to share autism research findings

    2. 5 Areas of Impact Strider Bikes Have with My Special Education StudentsAn excellent article written by a Special Education Teacher at a local high school in Rapid City, SD

    3. Kids Learn Street Safety on Strider Bikes at Children’s Discovery Center

    4. Strider Scientifically Proven to Increase Balance Skills!Review a study by the University of South Dakota, stating that the Strider Bike significantly improves a child’s gross motor skill development as it relates to balance. 

    5. Developing the Special Needs Channel in your Territory – Watch a video from the 2014 Special Olympics Strider Exhibition Race, find links from our Flickr page, and learn how to network and become involved with special needs organizations and their events. 

    6. Terminology for the Special Needs Community– Feel comfortable and confident when addressing the Special Needs Community. Here are some tips to ensure that you are using the correct terminology.

    7. Strider 16 & Strider 20 Bikes are Changing People’s Lives! – Find numerous success stories and see how the larger models are making a difference in our special needs communities.

    8. Special Needs Organizations See how SSI works with the various Special Needs Organizations throughout the US.
      To review our Special Needs Support Program document, click here.
      Special Needs Suport Program front cover

Riding A Bike = Better Grades!



Riding a bike is fun!

Strider Balance bikes are fun!

Riding a bike is a healthy habit that can increase physical activity in kids, and help combat rising childhood obesity rates!

I am sure you can easily believe and understand these statements. However, here is an entirely new reason to get your toddler on a balance bike perfecting those skills:

The development of balance in toddlers leads to better cognitive learning!

Strider Balance bikes are scientifically proven to increase balance in toddlers. But balance is not just a physical skill.

Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D., a professor of human physiology states, “Balance is a pillar beneath every skill we have.” Balance plays a larger role in the overall development of our children than we realize. Reading difficulties can occur and learning development will be delayed when balance and other systems are out of sync.

I will try to take all the scientific verbage and boil it down to my type of language. There are three parts to physical balance; eyes, body, and ears. Babies are born with the inner ear balance. As they become toddlers they engage the visual and begin to develop the bodily strength to increase their sense of balance. All of these systems must work together to form balance. For a baby and toddler that is in prime developmental stages it takes a lot of brain power to bring all three together. That same brain power and the same systems are required for all of the learning they will do. The more balance is practiced and perfected it becomes second nature. Less of that brain power is needed to focus on physical balance, and more of the brain can be devoted to learning.

So, now is the time! It is our parental duty to get kids out on those bikes having fun, and we can all rest assured we are helping our toddlers prepare for better grades in school!

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STRIDER Bikes Rule, Training Wheels and Tricycles Drool: Video Contest

We hear it all the time, “Our neighbor’s son has training wheels and he can’t keep up with our STRIDER Riders.” or “Little Susie was riding in a 4th of July parade on her STRIDER and was doing laps around all the other kids on training wheels and tricycles.” 


This is where YOU come in! Send in a 1-3 minute video featuring a STRIDER Vs. Training Wheels and/or Tricycles. We want to see the versatility and maneuverability of your STRIDER: Faster Acceleration, Easier Turns, and rideability on diverse terrain.

Lets see how creative you can be.  We will be giving away a $200 product voucher and a cool STRIDER jersey for the winning video submission.

Rules and Regulations:

–  Video submissions (emailed to will be accepted until August 14th and should either be sent as a link to a video upload site (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or sent through a service such as Hightail.

–  In order for the video to be considered it must be of your child(ren) as the main subject.

– By emailing the video to you are releasing the copyright of the image for use by Strider Sports International, Inc. for promotional purposes in perpetuity.


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Take the guess work out of determining what model STRIDER Bike is right for your child. Both the ST (STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bike ST-1, 2, 3, & 4) and the SS (STRIDER Super 16 No-Pedal Balance Bikes) have very different features that are made specificaly for children in the age range suggested for those bikes. Please see the chart below to find the right bike for you.

ST vs SS Chart



Attention Boulderites: STRIDER Time Trial With Tom Danielson!

Thursday November 22, 2012 from 9:30am -12:00pm  at Tommy D‘s house!


Join the Danielson family for the 2nd Annual Tommy D’s Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors!


Professional Road Cyclist Tom Danielson (Team Garmin-Sharp)will be hosting the ride at his property near the Boulder reservoir. The main course for older kids and parents will be a closed Time Trial where you can race your own timed laps or see how you compare to your friends. It should be a lot of fun with some obstacles thrown in to spice it up a bit!

There will also be a very fun STRIDER course with some smaller obstacles and ramps for the STRIDER riders!

Other activities for the kids include: Oatmeal and other goodies from Skratch Labs, Prizes from Giro, coloring activities, and some bike handling tips from Tommy D!

Pre-Registration is FREE and Required if you are coming out to ride! If parents want to ride there is a $5.00 fee. Parking at Boulder Reservoir – exact address will be sent on Wednesday, November 21st

What a great way to have some fun on two wheels on Thanksgiving Day…You’ll also be out of the cooks way at your house!

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Happy STRIDERday: Word Find!

Grace was one of the original testers for the STRIDER. Here’s a photo of her (in the middle) with two of her siblings from 2007…


She found herself with some free time this week and decided to make a cool Strider Life Word Find! Print it out and have some fun with your kids searching for STRIDER related words!

Have a Great Saturday.


Growing Up.

My daughter (Talia) is two. She is a precocious little thing and is already very opinionated. I have to raise the seat on her Strider at least once a week.  Last night she realized that she could outStride her Mother and I while cruising on her Strider! Is any of this sounding familiar?

I'm up to no good!

A couple things occurred to me as we were chasing her down the sidewalk, my wife with the dog and me pushing the stroller with our son:  1. I hope anybody backing out sees her (or us) coming.  2. Wow…she is really moving! 3. We’re going to have to start riding our bikes just to keep up.

Upon further reflection I am reminded of how important it is to begin teaching basic bicycle safety to children.  When they are old enough to ride on their own the lessons that were taught to them while riding their Striders will be invaluable.

With that in mind, here is a list of 5 important Strider safety habits that should be started now!

1. ALWAYS wear a properly fitted helmet.

2. Look in ALL directions before crossing a road. (Turn this into a fun rule making sure they look up and down before checking the street)

3. Be Seen.  Wear bright clothing, especially when riding earlier or later in the day when the light is not as good.

4. Listen to your Parents! (this might be the toughest one!)

5. Ride under CONTROL.  It’s always fun to go fast, but when you aren’t in control it is unsafe and usually scary for everyone involved.

Head over to Strider Life and add your voice to the Strider safety discussion.  What basic rules do you enforce?


Strider V. Trike

Strider Sports International has been talking about the useless nature and dangers of the tricycle since opening our doors in 2007.  Many parents find out about Strider after becoming frustrated with Trikes and Training Wheels…which is the same journey that led Ryan down the road to inventing the Strider PREbike.

We love this video that we found on YouTube for a couple reasons.  Watch as Grace does circles around her older brother riding a  tricycle.  He is unable to pedal easily, Unable to turn around without standing up and doesn’t look like he’s having nearly as much fun as Grace!  If you took the horn off the trike we doubt he’d be having fun at all.  (There is also a training wheel bike sitting there unused)

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May is National Bike Month!

What are you doing this month to increase your time on a bike?  Do you include Striders and bikes into your regular family fun time?  If you don’t, or it seems like you don’t do it enough then start to make riding a habit this month.  Being an example for your kids while they are young will instill bike values that will last their entire lives.  According to the People for Bikes campaign, teens that ride bikes are 48% less likely to be obese as adults.

Here are some ideas to get back in the saddle and have some family fun on two wheels!

1.  Ride with your child to school and then commute to your work

2.  Find a Bike festival in your area and attend with the family

3.  Ride your bikes to the library and check out some books about bicycles

4.  Find a beginners off road trail and take your Strider rider for an adventure!

5.  Visit the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, California

6.  Pack up a picnic and take a short ride to a local park on a weekend

7.  Buy a Strider with some other people for a family that can’t afford one

8.  Put some playing cards in your spokes and remember your childhood!

9.  Have a Bicycle/Strider parade for all the kids in the neighborhood

Riding with Mom

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Strider Progression: Part 5

After mastering such skills as balance, ramps and offroad riding (among other things) it’s not time to hang up the Strider just yet.  Upgrading to the extra long seat post  will make it useful until they are 5!

This is a great way for them to continue working on their balance skill without being hindered by pedals.  It also gives them an opportunity to be a little more daring.  Whether they start getting some air off of curbs and ramps or they get more comfortable “shredding the gnar” (We’re not quite sure what that means, but probably not this) at their local skate park.

A lot of Strider riders will continue to go back to their pedal-less friends even after starting to ride a pedal bike.  Remember it’s all about fun and honing their craft!

Here’s a great video showing a lot of the skills that your rider will continue to develop.

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