Customer Reviews  are one of the best ways to be sure you are making a well informed purchase. Strider® is honored to have received hundreds of amazing five star reviews. We welcome you to tell your story and help others with children in their life to discover the joys of getting a child on two wheels.

  1. This is an Awesome bike! We have the original that is about 4 years old now. We got it for our daughter who is now 7, (early) 3rd birthday. As she didn't want anything to do with her 10 inch bike with training wheels (she has a processing disorder and the wobbling and false sense of security scared her). Without waiting a minute after assembly, she hopped on and started walking around with it, saying she loooved her new bike! Within 5 months she was riding her 10 in with No training wheels!! And our son who was 18 mo. at the time shared his sisters Strider, which was great because the other pre bikes didn't get that small. He road her pedal bike at 2 years 2 mos.!!!!!! Now both are awesome racers, our son turned Intermediate last week at just 5 :) :) I can't say enough about the quality and value of Strider!!!! Ps Both of our kids STILL ride their Strider and it's still in amazing shape considering what it's been through ;)
  2. I have a confession!

    I have a confession! I have a 4yr old, a 3yr old and I am in the market for yet another KTM Strider Bike for my 9 month old for his up coming first birthday. Yes, that is my confession! I put my kids on these bikes on there first birthdays. I have incredibly tall kids. They learned to push the Strider bikes around before they could walk on there own. The Strider bikes are like attached to the two older kids. This has prepared them for their dirt bikes that they received on their second birthdays and they have had no problem learning to ride a pedal bike. (we left the training wheels on them because they have to learn to pedal. After that is mastered they come off. The training wheels on the dirt bike are treated the same. As soon as the throttle and break control are leaned the training wheels come off.) Yes, I recommend these bikes to everyone. I think I am going to have to invest in the 16" here soon for my super tall 4yr old that is the size of a 6yr old. But that is okay. He likes to ride the Strider better than the pedal bike anyway. We ride Orange and recommend everyone to ride something, even if you have not mastered walking yet! Yes they have fallen down and had major wipe-outs but it has also taught them to get up and get back on! Never quit.
  1. Awesome Balance Bike

    I got the Strider Sport (12") for my 2 year old Nephew "D", and he loved it the moment it was put together! Instantly deciding it was time to get on any play, as well as consider it his Motorcycle! He improves his skills in balance every time he uses it, and will probably be riding a bike by summer time with how well he's doing! I am considering getting the bigger Strider Sport for myself now! Considering it's been 18 years since I could last ride a back, and the last time I attempted to I had terrible balance and got scared!

    Great quality, awesome bike, quick to put together and just get up and move. I wish I could have had something like this when my oldest four kiddos were smaller!

  2. Best investment gift to date!

    I bought the Strider sport for my son's 3rd birthday. I had never heard of balance bikes the week before I placed the order and was actually on my way to purchase a 12" bike with training wheels. Someone inadvertantly mentioned balance bikes and I did my research and fell in love with the Strider. I could barely wait to give it too my son! I have taken him riding every day for the last 3 weeks and he loves it! The assembly was done in less than 5 minutes, the no tool adjustments are great, and the light weight is the icing on the cake. His leg will bump against the foot rests if his stance isn't wide enough and recessesld bolts would have been nice...but the flexibility and weight of the Strider make it my recommendation. Now all we need is Strider events in St. Louis!
  1. My 3 year old son LOVES it!

    This is my sons second balanc bike, but by far the best one! I love the fact it comes with two seats, as he is almost ready for the larger one. I love the ease of the adjustments on the seat and handle bars. Love that I can add a break! This bike with grow with him! The only down falls I've seen so far is one, the bike frame scrapes on a curb when he goes on and off the side walk so after only a couple weeks it has scraped off the paint. And the other thing are the blots that hold the back wheel on hit my sons legs or feet when he's moving along. At first it bothered him but he quickly learned to not hit it and now it's not an issue, I wouldn't let this part of my review deter you from getting a strider bike! Overall my son and I both LOVE this bike!! he rides it every single day, either in the house or outside!
  2. Awesome customer service! great bike too ;)

    After a last minute decision to get our daughter a Strider bike for her 3rd birthday that was only 5 days away the hunt was on. I hopped on the online chat function on Strider's website and in a matter of minutes Tyler had assured me the bike would arrive in Michigan on time for the party. He not only gave me detailed information on their distribution and shipping process but also how many days until arrival so I could be at ease about getting the bike on time for the party. Tyler also asked me to email him when my order was complete so he could follow up internally and make sure the bike came from the closest warehouse to me and that it made it out that day. Next I received conformation that the bike was on the road from Atlanta and will make it in time. Thanks again for the best customer service on the planet!
  1. Couldn't be happier

    Bought a ST- Green and an ST-4 Blue for my twin grandsons. They were only a year old so they were just a novelty for a while. But, within a month or so they were walking beside the bikes and, a few months after, that were sitting on the seats and walking all over the house. In just a few short months they were "gliding" and now they are careening in and out of all the rooms in the house. It made a VERY LONG winter much easier to tolerate since they were able to participate in an "outdoor-activity" indoors !!

    Thanks Strider - I have been encouraging all our friends to buy them for their grandkids !!

  2. Great Company with a great product!

    This is the second Strider bike I have purchased. We had to purchase a new bike after the first was run over by a car. The new bike was shipped quick and came easy to assemble. My almost three year old loves it and has learned quickly how to ride. He easily balances and turns, riding the bike everyday. I plan to purchase a third for my daughter in a couple of months when she turns 2.